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5 Scrumptious (Vegetarian) Eats in Ventura

This self-proclaimed foodie highly recommends these five delicious bites in Ventura.

5. Kouign-Amman at Café Ficelle

One of the best places to start your day in Ventura is at Café Ficelle—a French-inspired bakery and café that serves freshly-baked, light, sweet, buttery pastries paired with the perfect cup of coffee or tea. Café Ficelle makes the best Kouign-Amann outside of France though their pain du matin is always tempting and their simple croissant should never be under appreciated.

4. Crispy Potato Taco at Beach House Tacos

Crispy potatoes, roasted red chili sauce, avocado, corn, pasilla relish, and mixed greens all wrapped in a warm corn tortilla and served with complimentary ocean views on Ventura's historic wooden pier.

3. Elote Pizza at The Cave

Hidden inside Ventura Wine Company, The Cave is a local favorite for wine tasting and happy hour when you can buy a bottle at their retail store, sit at the restaurant, and pair it with their small plates menu without any corkage fees. All of the pizzas are delicious but my current favorite features fresh mozzarella and roasted corn, topped with cotija cheese, chipotle aioli, and a pinch of cilantro.

2. Mr. Green Jeans at Fluid State Beer Garden

Because all pizzas are different, you also can't miss a bite of Mr. Green Jeans featuring Fluid State Beer Garden's organic sourdough pizza crust, roasted kale, Fontina cheese, roasted garlic, chili flakes, white sauce, and fresh mozzarella. At a very close second, Fungus Amungus features seasonal mushrooms, pickled shallots, Fontina cheese, EVOO, and fire roasted tomato sauce.

1. Standard Mac at Paradise Pantry

Let the smelly cheese counter and carefully curated wine shop pull you in to Paradise Pantry. Anything you order will be a small bite of foodie heaven but if you're looking for a traditional favorite done great, you can't go wrong with the Standard Mac featuring a simple blend of three artisan cheeses topped with a herb Parmesan crust.

Is it dinner time yet? Bon appétit!


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