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An Artist-Driven Online Marketplace You Need to Check Out

Society6 is a platform that allows artists to share their work and fans to support them.

I recently left California and wasn't sure where I wanted to end up so I decided to sell almost all of my things and start from scratch. After an amazing road trip, I finally settled in Washington State and it was time to start replacing the things I needed. Given ongoing Covid 19 surges, online shopping was clearly the way to go but I wanted to find a way to shop that allowed me to find unique designs and support something worthwhile. That's when I found Society6.

In short, Society6 is a website that features an endless array of artists and their designs, and allows fans to purchase their work printed on a variety of products. Artwork varies from illustrations to photography, graphic design, paintings, typography, and more. There really are styles for every personality and the best part is you can search for them in different ways. For example, you can shop by category (such as wall paper, yoga mats, or duvet covers) or by style (such as mid century modern, black and white, or boho) or by room (such as kitchen, outdoor, or office). You can also filter by art subjects such as animals, landscapes, or patterns. And once you find a design you like, you can view others that are similar or others by the same artist, and choose from over 70 products to print the design on. For example, pillows, cutting boards, bath mats, coasters, rugs, wall clocks, or canvases. Why does all this matter? Because Society6 truly makes it easy to find unique designs, support the artist, and incorporate the design into your home.

This allowed me to turn home essentials into statement pieces. My duvet cover is no longer just bedding but art. It doesn't just keep me warm at night, it brings a smile to my face in the mornings both because it's pretty and because I know my purchase supported an independent artist. I love the welcome mat outside my door because I chose the design out of hundreds and, unlike the ones at home improvement stores, chances are no one I know has one like it. My shower curtain makes me happy because it adds creativity and personality to my bathroom without having to spend more than I can afford.

How does it work? Artists upload collections of their designs and get paid each time someone chooses to have their art printed on a product. The retail price of goods includes the cost of manufacturing, fulfillment, and the artist's share which is 10% on most products but can be marked up on art prints, framed prints, or canvas prints.

The site isn't perfect—the artists' share could certainly be higher—but it's a great alternative for art lovers without art lovers' budgets who would otherwise be shopping for mass produced goods at retail giants. And it's important to remember that artists seek out Society6, not the other way around. According to their story, their intention is to remove entry costs such as those at art shows that often keep artists from being able to promote their work. Thus, they created a free and welcoming platform where people can discover, follow, and support artists, and artists can feed off the creativity and talent of the other 300,000 independent artists in a global community that includes over 160 countries. It's been about ten years since they launched and they've certainly helped me design my everyday with art I love.

I am not affiliated with Society6 in any way and don't make commissions from purchases. I'm simply a happy customer who wanted to pass along a recommendation in a year when online shopping keeps us safe at home. My Society6 account does give me a friend referral code that will give you $15 off on purchases of $75 or more. If you're interested, I'm more than happy to share it with you.

Happy shopping!


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