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9 Pawsitively Fetching Last Names for Your Dog

Fetch-up—no need for tall tails here. You spent weeks brainstorming the pawfect first name for your dog and completely furgot to choose an equally fabulous surname. Fret-not, we've got ideas that'll raise the woof and you're welcome to use them free of any annual fleas! The last thing we want to do is Beagle your mind. After all, a fetching last name is the leashed we can do for our furry friends. Whether your dog is pawsh or a little ruff around the edges, these last names will have the puparazzi scrambling. Vanity Fur will surely be mutts about you. So take your pick and don't forget to add it to your dog's collar I.D.

9. Wagglesworth

8. Wigglebottom

7. Weiner

6. Shakespaw

5. Snugglesworth

4. Hugglesworth

3. Barkowitz

2. Waggington

1. Fluffmeister


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