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The Community Elevating Vancouver's Creative Pulse

When you share a name with a world-famous city and a river with a neighbor that craves the spotlight, it's hard to shape and communicate an identity for yourself but Vancouver, Washington, deserves one and its creative community is doing its part.

Creatives create with the intention of sparking an emotion or response. This implies that creativity requires some level of emotional intelligence. Creatives are working to capture a message or meaning and communicate it purposefully. As such, they also often help voice the identity of spaces they inhabit. This is especially true when the creative community stands united.

Creative communities have existed throughout history and greatly contributed to shaping the identities of the societies in which we live. The idea rests on the concept that pooled talents can form a collective genius, and that each element contributes to group and individual creativity. Today, there are many modern creative communities that serve as shining examples. San Luis Obispo, CA, Santa Fe, NM, Ithaca NY, and Portland, OR, all have creative communities that offer valuable resources and connections so their creatives can thrive. Through these communities, creatives forge social ties, promote mutual support, empower, and learn.

If asked to describe Portland's identity, a few adjectives inspired by their creative community come to mind, and as a business person you feel confident that you could find a creative to suit your needs. But what about Vancouver? It's time for their creatives' collective talents to shine while helping define the identity of the lesser-known place they call home. Elevating Vancouver's creative pulse—that's what the Vancouver Washington Creative Community is about.

Richard Florida explains in The Rise of the Creative Class that "cities that embody creative communities create a favorable environment for creativity and therefore attract people who are both innovative and entrepreneurial," which is to say the creative tide lifts all boats. An enthusiastic board of directors, a website that helps businesses find local creatives, a brand mark that allows creatives to proudly identify with our community, and socials with thought-provoking speakers and good brews. We've got big dreams. Join us.


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