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Spanish words that don't exist in English

It's impossible to convey the meaning of these Spanish words in English without using a phrase.


Right around the time the smell of coffee hits your nose and your sweet tooth eagerly awaits dessert. When everybody has finished their meal but is still sitting at the table enjoying quality time and conversation. That is sobremesa. More than an activity, sobremesa can be understood as a cultural tradition originating in Spain.


When you use, wear, show, or do something for the very first time, you are estrenando! The word celebrates beginnings from the first ride around the block in your new car, to the first beach trip with your new sunnies, or date night in your new dress. There's only one first, why let it go unnoticed?

Pena Ajena

You know that feeling when someone else does something that leaves you feeling dumbfounded and embarrassed? That shame that you didn't create but resentfully adopt, that's pena ajena.


A one-word way to say the day before yesterday.


When you're tired because you stayed up later than usual and didn't get enough sleep the night before, you are desvelado/desvelada.


Someone who is sensitive to the cold or seemingly always cold is friolento/friolenta.


La merienda is a light meal that fills the gap between lunch and dinner. Much like Britain's tradition of afternoon tea, throughout Southern Europe and Latin America, merendando is the act of eating a light afternoon snack.

There you have it! Seven Spanish words you'll want to remember.

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