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A Day with an Old English Sheepdog

7:00 AM Cuddle time

7:30 AM Walk around the block

8:00 AM Breakfast, please!

8:30 AM Let's go play

10:00 AM Siesta

11:00 AM What are you eating?

12:00 PM Can I come with you?

1:00 PM Where are we going?

2:00 PM Are we there yet?

2:30 PM Yup, these fit

3:30 PM My favorite treat

4:30 PM Play date

5:00 PM Chow time

6:00 PM Where's my brush?

6:30 PM You missed a spot

7:00 PM Give me a bone and I'll let you watch TV

9:00 PM But I like your bed

10:00 PM Sweet dreams


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