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Marshmallow-Free Campfire Treats

Campfire inspiration for us weirdos that don't love marshmallows.

Campfire Cinnamon Rolls

As easy as buying a roll of unbaked cinnamon rolls and poking them through a stick.

Campfire Fondue

Cut the top off a round bread loaf to create a bread bowl, stuff the bread bowl with cheese, put the top back on the bread, wrap it in foil, roast it over the campfire—Voila! Campfire fondue.

Campfire Corn on the Cob

It's hard to go wrong with street corn. Remove the husk or don't, wrap it in foil or don't, poke it through your campfire stick and roast it until it's perfect for you. Roll it in your favorite toppings and dive in.

Campfire Banana Boat

Banana split meets s'mores. Make this creative snack idea your own. Grab a banana, slice it lengthwise, stuff it with your favorite toppings, wrap it in foil, and roast it over the campfire for your very own banana boat!

Campfire Bread: Bannock

Most indigenous families have unique bannock recipes passed down from generation to generation but it boils down to flour, salt, and baking powder mixed with butter and water resulting in dough that can be wrapped onto your campfire stick and roasted over the fire.

Campfire Baked Apples

Slice off the top of your apple, carve out the core and stuff it with ricotta cheese, raisins, nuts, butter, brown sugar, or whatever your heart desires. Place the top back on and wrap the apple in foil. Poke it through your campfire stick and roast it over the fire for a delicious not-so-baked apple.


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